With over 25 years of experience Kostas began his journey with cars from his early teens. His passion and love for mechanics sparked right from the start, since then it has only grown deeper. Making it his mission to uphold the industries best quality, Kostas believes in delivering credible and affordable vehicle services. 


Working with large premium dealerships all over Europe, Kostas brings his renowned expertise to every job Your Auto Man completes. He has worked with companies such as Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, Skoda, Toyota, Nissan, Opel (Holden), Ford, Suzuki, Mazda, Mercedes Benz, BMW just to name a few. This has provided Your Auto Man with its high standards and excellent customer service.


Kostas also has extensive experience in race cars. Working with them around the world and all over Australia, where his journey in the racing world started over 7 years ago. Kostas has since competed as a mechanic and pit crew in various teams, where he overhauled the standards of the crews that he worked with.


After 7 years in the racing industry Kostas and the crews he worked with have broken multiple world records and have earned numerous 1st places. Since then, Kostas saw an opportunity in the mobile servicing industry where his mission and dream of working on vehicles to his high standards birthed Your Auto Man.


Your Auto Man, prides its self on transparency and quality service. 

We specialise in all makes and models for all your car mechanical needs.

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